Homemade masks to rejuvenate the skin Best Remedy

This great mask to rejuvenate the skin can be made at home, using only honey, carrot and papaya. This blend is ideal for moisturizing the skin, due to the properties of honey and papaya, but also provides vitamin A and carotenoids, from the carrot, which protect the skin and help maintain elasticity. Ingredients 3 tablespoons papaya 1 tablespoon honey… Read More »

How to get facial stains Best Remedy

To clarify facial blemishes caused by pregnancy, acne, melasma or sun damage, home-made tricks, remedies, ointments, creams or cosmetic treatments can be used. Usually recent blemishes are easier to lighten with simple products that are purchased at the pharmacy like creams and lotions that have bleaching action, such as muriel, but when it comes to a stain that… Read More »

Top Best Homemade recipe for growing hair

A great home recipe for hair to grow faster is to apply jojoba and aloe on the scalp as they help in regenerating the cells and stimulate hair to grow faster and stronger. Normally, hair grows between 10 to 12 centimeters a year, and it is easier to measure this growth in straight hair. With this remedy the value… Read More »

Top 5 Best Home Remedies for Sexual Impotence

Rosemary tea with leather hat and catuaba or natural syrup prepared with honey, guarana and ginseng are some examples of excellent home and natural remedies that can be used to treat male impotence. Know the main causes and how the treatment of sexual impotence is done by clicking here . This problem usually occurs in men between the ages of 50… Read More »

Tops 7 Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster

Usually hair and beard hairs grow 1 cm per month, but there are some tricks and tips that can make them grow faster, such as ensuring all the nutrients the body needs to form strands and improve local blood circulation. When following these tips the hair and the beard should grow faster, however, there are cases in which… Read More »

How to End Dry Cough Best Remedy

Bisoltussin or Notuss are some of the most indicated pharmacy medications to treat dry cough, however Echinacea with Ginger or Eucalyptus with honey are also some of the natural options for those who do not want to use medications. Coughing is a natural reflex of the body to eliminate any lung irritation and is a symptom that can… Read More »

How to take sibutramine and its side effects

Sibutramine is a medication used to treat obesity because it quickly increases the feeling of satiety, preventing overeating and facilitating weight loss. This medication associated with diet and exercise is possible to lose up to 5 kg in 2 to 3 months. This medicine is used in the form of capsules and can be bought in conventional pharmacies under… Read More »

Lemon Diet to Lose Weight Easy Remedy

Lemonade is a great help to lose weight because it detoxifies the body, decreases swelling and increases the feeling of satiety. In addition to this, it cleanses the palate by diminishing the urge to eat sweet foods that fatten or harm the diet. To have benefits, simply use one of the following options: Squeeze half a lemon into a glass… Read More »