Remedies for sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction

Sexual impotence or “erectile dysfunction” is defined as the constant inability to maintain erection sufficient for intercourse. Tense, anxious,  and overworked men sometimes can not achieve that necessary concentration by causing sexual impotence. However, there are other causes such as vascular problems. In that case, the masuclino member can not accumulate the blood necessary for an erection to occur, since it does… Read More »

Home Remedy for Intestinal Infection

The best home remedy for intestinal infection is the use of homemade whey as long as diarrhea persists. Discover how it is prepared and the care that must be taken at this stage: Ingredients: 1 liter of mineral water, filtered or boiled; A spoonful of sugar; A teaspoon of salt. Preparation method: Mix all the ingredients in a bottle… Read More »

The Best Juicing Detox Slimming to Lose Tummy

Detox juices help to lose weight and cleanse the body because they have low calories and are rich in nutrients that improve the functioning of the intestine and liver. In addition to this they are also rich in antioxidants and fiber, helping to strengthen the immune system and improve intestinal transit. The ideal is to drink about 500ml of… Read More »

Foods rich in Carbohydrates

Foods rich in carbohydrates like bread, cereals, rice and pasta provide a lot of energy for the body, however, when we consume them in excess they increase the amount of body fat, since the body stores them as fat. So it is important not to abuse in the ingestion of this type of food, being recommended to eat… Read More »

How to Make Dukan Diet for Fast Weight Loss

The Dukan diet is a diet divided into 4 phases and according to its author allows to lose weight about 5 kg in the first week. In the first phase, feeding is done only with protein, and the time duration of the diet depends on the amount of weight that the person wants to lose. This diet was created… Read More »

5 Types of Tea for Slimming

Slimming teas are an excellent homemade and natural option to complement the diet, not only for those who want to lose weight but also for those who pretend to lose belly or suffer from fluid retention. Some options to supplement the diet are ginger tea with pineapple, tea with lemon or green tea with blackberries, as they help… Read More »

5 Simple Tips to Lose Weight and Lose Belly

These 5 simple tips for losing weight and losing belly involve only changes in habits.In order of importance these tips are: Sleep well. It may seem obvious, but eating a diet in labor-intensive or low-sleep stages is torture. Resting well encourages to fulfill the commitments of the day to day and to resist the temptations. Besides a good rest, leaves the… Read More »

How to lose belly in 1 month

To lose weight and lose belly in 1 month should exercise at least 3 times a week and do a diet with low calories, reducing the consumption of foods rich in sugar and fat, and as a result the body burns the energy accumulated as fat . It is important to be clear why you want to lose… Read More »

Diet to lose belly

In the diet to lose belly is essential to spend more energy than you ingest and practice localized physical activity to spend calories and burn the accumulated fat. It is also important to ingest lots of water for good hydration and for the bowel to function properly, increasing the effect of diet. Thermogenic foods can also be added to… Read More »

How to lose belly after pregnancy

To lose belly after pregnancy it is recommended to follow a low calorie diet and do exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back to improve posture, thus avoiding back pain, which is very common after the birth of the baby due to bad posture during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. You can start exercising to decrease fat mass from… Read More »